**New Release & Review** My Matched Monster by Rena Marks

My punishment starts today.

Refusing marriage isn’t acceptable, not in my world—separated from the rest of Earth by the large stone walls of our own community. To refuse the most legendary prophet of our time in front of the entire congregation was a sentence of twenty lashes. Halfway in, I entered a hallucinogenic state.

A hero came to save me, but he was purple with tentacles. Funny how your mind can blow in such an extreme state of pain. The only aliens I know are the Britonians, and they’re beautiful, physiques like Greek gods, but with gold skin. Not tan. A true shade of gold.

Not horrific, imagined purple monsters.

When I wake, the beautiful gold-skinned aliens who are our benefactors enter me in the Match Program. A chance to get away from Earth for six months while I heal. I’ll be mated, sure, but I’m assured he’s noble, fair, and doesn’t expect anything from me. He’s just honored to have a brave “female” to take back home. Because on their planet, bravery is measured by the thickness of your scars, and my back has plenty.

But he hasn’t yet seen my face.

My Matched Monster contains explicit love scenes, naughty language, and giggles. References to abuse, though all get a happy-ever-after. 

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Nancy’s Review

Okay, I sat down to read this story and basically read it in one sitting. It was THAT good! Of course, earth in this series is a hot mess. The patriarchal men who run the planet need a swift kick. And the cruelty of some is just not good. River’s “father” is a despicable human that lives in a commune and plans to sell her to a person who is 50 years her senior. Tiran and the Britonians save her. Tiran’s family is a bit complicated, but you will come to care for all of them. This story had some great steam, good plot twists, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. Marks builds up the spicy times between this couple quite nicely. You’ll love River and Tiran together! This is a favorite in the series, for sure! 5 stars!

Find Rena Marks here: https://renamarks.com/

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