**New Release & Review** I Married a Dragon by Regine Abel

He’s a beast only she can tame

When a dark portal spewing shadow beasts opens into a research facility, Kaida’s unit is dispatched to destroy them. The last thing she expects is for the massive dragon amidst the creatures to claim her. To avoid an intergalactic conflict, and to perform an important mission, she consents to a temporary marriage of convenience with the Shadow Lord Cedros. But with each passing day, she finds herself drawn to the sweet and socially awkward male who lurks within this strong and fearsome protector of his realm.

She’s his peace and his salvation

For decades, Cedros searched in vain for the one female who would silence his growing madness, take away the pain torturing his body, and end the loneliness and isolation that is the curse of a Shadow Lord. Who would have thought she would be an off-worlder? And yet, here she is, his little Kaida, a human so fragile, so delicate, and yet so strong. Her mere presence brings him divine peace. Her simple embrace awakens feelings and emotions he never thought possible.

How can he convince her to stay with him in this world so ill-adapted to her species, and when she didn’t come to him by choice, but out of duty?

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Review by Nancy

This book was quite something! A little twist on the dragon theme and it was great! Kaida is a strong female lead. We have no shrinking flower here. Turns out she’s Cedros’ Ejaya, the only one in the universe who can calm his dragon. And she’s from another species! Unprecedented. If you are a cuddler or love snuggling, then this is your book! And don’t worry, there’s no shortage of steamy stuff, too! This story has two souls who are, at present, pretty alone in the world. And Fate puts them together. Cedros is hoping Kaida will be his mate. Kaida will need some convincing. Cedros’ world is completely different from hers. I Married a Dragon has intrigue, cuddling, some fight scenes, and steam. It’s well worth a read and a fantastic addition to the Prime Mating Agency series! 4.5 stars

USA Today bestselling author Regine Abel is a fantasy, paranormal, and sci-fi junky. Anything with a bit of magic, a touch of the unusual, and a lot of romance will have her jumping for joy. Hot alien warriors meeting no-nonsense, kick-ass heroines give her warm fuzzies.

Before devoting herself as a full-time writer, Regine had surrendered to her other passions: music and video games! After a decade working as a Sound Engineer in movie dubbing and live concerts, Regine became a professional Game Designer and Creative Director, a career that has led her from her home in Canada to the US and various countries in Europe and Asia.


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