**New Release & Review** Nevrik (Xian Warriors #10) by Regine Abel

She is all he’s ever wanted.

With the threat of the rebels’ looming war, romance is the last thing on Tyonna’s mind. But as she prepares to set off on a mission, the new member to join her crew leaves her breathless. Nevrik is the most imposing and intimidating Scelk she has ever seen. After so many years pining over a male she cannot have, she’s stirred in the most unexpected fashion by Nevrik’s sharp tongue, intense gaze, and irreverent ways.

Nevrik has loved Tyonna from the moment he laid eyes on her. When she rejected him four years ago, and in spite of her valid reasons to do so, it crushed him. Ever since, he’s been biding his time, lying in wait for the opportunity to claim his beautiful warrior queen. But in the most improbable turn of events, the rebels present him with a poisoned gift.

Will Tyonna and Nevrik be forced to make the impossible choice between their love, their loyalty to the Vanguard, and their own moral obligations?

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Nancy’s Review

The Xian Warriors series is one of my favorite sci-fi series. Heads up, it’s best to read the other books in this series before this one, but if you don’t want to do that then I recommend reading Varnog first. Nevrik has been obsessed with Tyonna since he met her, but the host body he was in wasn’t mature at the time. He’s ALL grown up now! And he’s tired of waiting. When Tyonna and Nevrik go on a mission together things get heated. They have a very spirited relationship. I would almost call it enemies-to-lovers. The mission they’re on is dangerous and complicated. Lots of surprises here which are the best! You’ll have to read and find out. This book was full of action, adventure and steam! I almost love Nevrik more than Varnog… A super addition to the Xian series! 4 stars

About Regine Abel

USA Today bestselling author Regine Abel is a fantasy, paranormal, and sci-fi junky. Anything with a bit of magic, a touch of the unusual, and a lot of romance will have her jumping for joy. Hot alien warriors meeting no-nonsense, kick-ass heroines give her warm fuzzies.

Before devoting herself as a full-time writer, Regine had surrendered to her other passions: music and video games! After a decade working as a Sound Engineer in movie dubbing and live concerts, Regine became a professional Game Designer and Creative Director, a career that has led her from her home in Canada to the US and various countries in Europe and Asia.


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