He swore he’d never love again. She’s on a mission to make him.

I wasn’t always the strongest woman, but I’d do anything for my child. Including chasing down the man who rejected her before she was even born.
I won’t accept his lies that he didn’t know about her.
For that to be true, it means someone betrayed us both.
One thing is for certain. Max and I are broken beyond repair. He’ll never care for me again, but I’ll make him love our daughter.

Two years ago, my heart was shredded. My girlfriend left me, then slept with my twin brother to seal the F-you deal.
I hated him for it.
Despised her.
But now she’s back with a red-haired baby she claims is mine. And outright denial that she even met my brother.
My darkest, secret hope, that she mistook him for me, could actually be real.
But a greater truth needs revealing. Whether I’m the bairn’s father, or uncle.

Betrayed is an enemies-to-lovers, secret baby, slow burn romance, with an adorable little lass in the middle of it. 

Trust me on that storyline, I’d never let you down.

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Hot Scots! Another great read from Jolie Vines. I’ve got to say I just love her Scots! This is the second story of the twins Maddock and Max. Betrayed is Max’s story. A second-chance romance between Max and Lia. There’s been a mountain of misunderstandings between the two. Lia has a sweet surprise baby girl and finally goes to confront Max. Throw in a very controlling father, Lia’s, and you get a recipe for drama. But the McRae clan is exceptional. They welcome Lia and baby Evie with open arms. Lia begins to see a different side of Max. This book was steamy and sweet with a good amount of suspense. The culprit working against the sweet couple ends up suprising me! You will fall in love with Max and Lia. More McRaes to love! 4 stars!

About Jolie Vines

JOLIE VINES is a romance novelist who lives in the South West of England with her husband and son.

From an early age, Jolie lived in a fantasy world and is never happier than when plot dreaming. Jolie loves her heroes to be one-woman guys. Whether they are a huge Highlander, a touch starved earl, or a brooding pilot, they will adore their loved one until the end of time.

Her favourite pastime is wrecking emotions then making up for it by giving her characters deep and meaningful happy ever afters.

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