**New Release & Review** Lazarus’s Savior (Riley’s Pride #5) by Sandra Neeley

Lazarus has spent his life running from horrendous beginnings that formed the base of the male he believes he is today. He blames himself for a tragedy that occurred before he was even old enough to take care of himself properly. His early childhood and that one tragedy have resulted in an unreasonable fear of the power females can hold over you if you let them in. So he doesn’t. He holds himself apart, just a little piece of himself held deep inside that no one is ever allowed to see or touch, and that keeps him safe — or so he thinks. But now the veterinarian who saved his life is turning it upside down. She wants him, and he knows it. But he’s afraid she’ll see the male he truly is and walk away, proving his view of himself.

Alex has spent a long time alone and she’s fine with that. Her veterinary practice, her friends and her animals have been enough for her — she’s got a good life. Her veterinary expertise puts her in a unique position of being trusted by the local shifters for medical care when their condition prohibits them from being taken to the hospital. When gravely injured, some cannot hold their human form and that’s a risk that can’t be taken — so they call Alex. That’s how she found and saved Lazarus. His injuries were so severe she wasn’t sure he’d make it, but she stayed by his side until he was strong enough to survive. She healed him, saved his life, now if only she could save his heart.

Despite a love and unspoken tie to one another, Alex and Lazarus just can’t seem to get on the same page. When things finally start taking a turn for the better, Lazarus is called out of town to assist a friend in need. Alex anxiously awaits his return, hoping they can pick up where they left off. But then he changes all the rules — when he returns he’s not alone — he’s brought home another woman.

Warning: Intended for mature audiences. This book contains abuse both real and implied, violence, and sexual situations that may be disturbing for some readers. If you are offended by these subjects, please do not buy this book.

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Nancy’s Review

The Riley’s Pride series has really been my favorite! I just want to crawl into these stories and make myself at home. Alex and Lazarus’ story is a challenging one. Alex can be a bit stubborn, but I completely understand her confusion with Alex bringing home Candy. Laz is not the best communicator, but he finally gets his act together. And I loved the expansion plans that happen for the park/businesses. What really made this book for me was the two side stories going on for Scotty and Lucas! I won’t give any of it away. And the epilogue in this book is the BEST. So happy to have a visit from my favorite ice dragon, Delilah. All in all, Lazarus’s Saviour is another valuable addition to this fabulous series! I love beta reading for Sandra! 4 stars

About Sandra R Neeley

My name is Sandra R Neeley. I write Paranormal, Fantasy and SciFi Romances. Why? Because normal is highly overrated. I’m 56, I have two kids, one 34 and one 14, one grandchild, one husband, and a menagerie of animals. I am a homebody and prefer my writing /reading time to a crowd. I’ve had stories and fictional characters wandering around in my head for as long as I can remember. I started letting them out into the real world and surprisingly, people have loved them. I am a Self-Published Author, and I like it that way because I can decide what and when to write. I am by no means a formal, polished, properly structured individual and neither are my stories, but people seem to love the easy emotion and passion that naturally flow from them. A bit of a warning though, there are some “triggers” in them that certain people should avoid, so please read the synopsis supplied with each book before buying.


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