**New Release & Review** The Buff Beast (Exposed to the Elements #4) by Honey Phillips

Book Blurb

Can Mina survive the icy cold of an alien winter? And melt the heart of the hardened alien warrior who rescues her?

Her home. Her job. In a few short months, Mina has lost everything, including hope. Freezing and alone on a winter night, she isn’t sure if she will make it to the next day. Or even if it matters.

She wakes up to find herself naked and freezing, but no longer alone. An angel appears out of the snow to save her. An angel with fangs and claws, and a pain in his eyes which matches her own.

Betrayed by everyone he cares about, Kai-Al retreats into a solitary life of study and discipline. When he finds himself alone on a strange planet, his only real regret is that his books did not accompany him.

Then he finds a fragile, helpless female in the snow. Experience has taught him not to trust, but he cannot resist the appeal in her big, blue eyes. As he thaws her frozen body, she begins to thaw his frozen heart.

But when the hidden forces behind their arrival on the planet make their presence known, will Mina be able to save him in return? Or will they use her to destroy him?

Each book in the Exposed to the Elements series can be read as a standalone romance; however, this book contains references to previous characters and events in the series and may best be enjoyed in order. This sweet and steamy romance is intended for mature audiences only.

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Nancy VanSpunky’s Review

This story began with a great hook and I was drawn in immediatly to Mina’s plight. Of course, she wakes up naked on another planet. And she gets a little pet/friend that you will just love, but I’m not going to give it away. I always enjoy Honey’s pets. I TOTALLY fell in love with “Angel man,” Myk’El! I mean, he has wings. You had me at wings… and he’s huge, has long hair, and he smells REALLY good! This is the last book in the series and it definitely delivers on answering the questions you might have about the scientists. The Buff Beast delivers in a very sensual manner and the steamy parts are perfect. I just loved everything about this one! You will want to seek shelter with Mina and Myk’El. He’s my book boyfriend of the week! I am honored to beta read for Honey and I think Exposed to the Elements has been a super series. 5 stars! 

About Honey Phillips

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Honey wrote and illustrated her first book at the tender age of 5. Her writing has improved since then. Her drawing skills, unfortunately, have not. She loves writing, reading, traveling, cooking, and drinking champagne – not necessarily in that order.

Her steamy science fiction stories focus on hot alien warriors and the Earth women they can’t resist. From abductions to invasions, the ride might be rough, but the end always satisfies.


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