**New Release & Review** The Faker (Boston Hawks Hockey #3) by Gina Azzi

Title: The Faker
Series: Boston Hawks Hockey #3
Author: Gina Azzi
Genre: Contemporary Sports Romance
Release Date: April 21, 2021
NHL hotshot Torsten Hansen is a lot of things. My husband shouldn’t be one of them.
One emotional night slinging tequila shots and singing karaoke with the Hawks defenseman turns into more than I bargained for. A wicked hangover, an eviction notice, and a marriage proposal.
If Torsten and I wed, he can fulfill a promise to his grandmother and the debt I’m drowning in will be paid by his trust fund. It’s a win-win, an easy and straightforward arrangement between friends.
So what if my friend has piercing blue eyes, a sensual smirk, and a body that occupies my dreams? It shouldn’t matter that Torsten understands my past and makes me feel safe.
Except it does. Because if I give my heart to my husband, how will I survive our eventual divorce?
Nancy’s Review
I’m a sucker for the “alpha male saves female in distress” trope! Torsten is a professional hockey player and he comes from a very wealthy family. Rielle actually comes from a well-off family, but she’s trying to “do life” on her own. When she gets harassed at work by her boss and fends off his advances, she gets fired. Rielle is now jobless and about to be homeless. Torsten has an idea how they can help each other out. But what if they have real feelings for each other? These two steam up the pages on more than one occasion. This is a complex and intriguing story about how their arrangement plays out. It’s not exactly how I thought it would. Communication and forgiveness are key in relationships. Torsten and Rielle are about to find that out. I’m loving this series by Azzi! 4 stars!
I walk beside her, wondering if I’ve lost my damn mind.
What the hell was I thinking? Did I seriously just propose marriage to a woman I’ve spent a total of fifteen hours with, in group settings, over blueberry pancakes?
Yes, yes I did.
We’re quiet as we walk, both of us lost in our thoughts. Except mine swing from angry to needy to frustrated. I hate that Rielle questioned our friendship, as if I don’t give a shit about her. I know we aren’t close and don’t really know each other but does she seriously think I treat her the same way I treat puck bunnies? Her accusation stung and it shouldn’t have because it’s the perception I’ve spent years cultivating.
I just don’t like that it worked on her.
Then, there’s the fact that she’s obviously in some kind of trouble. Four hundred and seventy thousand dollars? Really? That’s not normal credit card or student loan debt. That’s serious, life-altering, damaging debt. Is someone trying to shake her down? Is that why she has bruises on her arm?
Jesus. I scrape a hand over my face, glancing at Rielle from the corner of my eye. She keeps her head straight ahead, her footsteps even, her shoulders pulled back. I couldn’t get a read on her if I was a fucking mind reader.
But marriage? No, I didn’t propose marriage. I proposed something different. A transaction. And she knows it.
Releasing June 23

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