**New Release & Review** The Naughty Pine by Sibylla Matilde

Title: The Naughty Pine

Author: Sibylla Matilde

Genre: Contemporary Romance


On the fourteenth anniversary of my first divorce, I went to a kink club.

Thirty-three and no clue who I was. What I wanted out of life. I only knew it was passing me by and I was tired.

Tired of surviving the day-to-day.

Tired of trying to forgive myself for two failed marriages.

Tired of being a single mother with no semblance of a social life, of bending over backwards to be a fitting role model for my teenage daughter.

That was, until I stepped foot in The Naughty Pine.

I didn’t plan to participate. I only went to appease the dark corners of my curiosity. To see something wild and taboo and full of life. Something sinful to shock the loneliness clean out of my system.

Don’t know what I expected, but it sure wasn’t him…

*** Mature Content; Strong Language; Sexual Content and BDSM ***

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If you are the least bit curious about bdsm and the like, then you have to read this book! The story is about a monogomous couple, so no polyamory. This book is about Darah and Jace. They have different names at The Naughty Pine, Chickadee and Rogue. And I just wanted to say, I am that curvy girl who’s looking to be loved, just like Darah. Got to love a story about us Rubenesque ladies. Matilde’s descriptions of the scenes Rogue and Chickadee perform are gold! When I was on chapter 14 I already wanted to read this book AGAIN! Rogue is just so dominant. So breath-takingly male. Matilde writes, “Oh, Lordy. Everything about him gave me butterflies in my vagina.” AND IT DID! All I want is Rogue now. He has gone and ruined me for anyone else. While this may sound dramatic, you read it and find out for yourself. Okay, honey? Do it now. And, seriously, I’m going to reread it this weekend. I’m so glad Matilde is writing again. I’m putting in my request for a story about Master Louden. (insert sunglasses emoji) The Naughty Pine is delicious perfection. Since I can’t rate it a bazillion stars, then 5 stars will have to do!

Exclusive Excerpt:

“You and I really need to have a talk,” he quietly stated.

“About what?” I asked, somewhat dazed.

“You and I.”

My heart stopped. In a sudden panic, afraid of what he might say, I clumsily weaved against him and lifted up on my tippy-toes. Clasping my hands against his bearded jaw, I sought his lips. I prayed that his arms would come around me, and I dang near cried when he firmly pulled me tight up against him.

“Där—” he whispered against my lips.

“I don’t want to talk, Jace,” I whispered back. My fingertip trailed down his chest, reaching the edge of his Henley at his waist before dipping up to touch his bare skin. Raking my nails up his torso, I relished in the deep indrawn breath that tore through him. “I just want to pretend you still love me.”

“Honey, I don’t have to pretend.”

“That’s right,” I said against his lips, deliberately misunderstanding. There was simply too much to lose if I believed in him. I’d done it before and it had about killed me. So I chose to take this all as a dream. A fantasy. “Exactly, just like that.”

About Sibylla Matilde

Sibylla Matilde grew up on the back of a horse exploring in the mountain valleys of Southwest Montana. She attended a two-room schoolhouse 1st through 6th grade where she had same teacher the whole time. At the age of 12, Siby discovered historical romance, devouring the work of Jude Devereaux, Lisa Kleypas, and Karen Robards. She began writing in 2013 with her debut novel, Little Conversations, and self-published ten works over the next three years. She took a few years off to deal with life (it proved very difficult to move on from her Bangin’ Mofos…they were a blast to write), but is back at the keyboard with new steamy stories brewing in her naughty little brain.

Music is her emotional trigger. Growing up with a Wagnarian-opera-loving mother, Sibylla loves music that digs deep into her soul and covers her with goosebumps. The soundtrack to her life includes different genres and generations, but her favorites include Thirty Seconds to Mars (she’s a bit obsessive about Jared Leto, actually), Kings of Leon, The Killers, My Chemical Romance, and many other artists and bands. Her inspiration playlists on Spotify truly drive her writing, and she loves to share her eclectic taste with anyone who will listen.

Siby strives to write books that make the reader bask in the sweet glow of new love, burn hot with a passionate intensity, and day drink from gut-wrenching heartache. Her characters are not world-famous rock stars or billionaires, rather every-day small-town people experiencing their own extraordinary romantic adventures in the Rocky Mountains she calls home. Siby loves to hear from fans and can be reached at Siby@SibyllaMatilde.com.

Connect with Sibylla:

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