~~~ FREE BOOK~~~ Draekon Abduction by Lee Savino and Lili Zander

FREE BOOK by Lee Savino – Author & Lili Zander!!

How to Fail as an Intergalactic Spy:

  1. Crash spaceship on wrong planet.
  2. Break leg.
  3. Get abducted by rogue prisoners.
  4. End up with two pairs of dragon-shifters claiming I’m their mate.

Here’s a report for the CIA: The aliens are freaking good kissers.

The mission was simple: Go to the Zorahn planet. Spy on the aliens.

One space ship crash later, we’re the ‘guests’ of a savage bunch of exiles. My cover as a bombshell bimbo is too good… because now four alien dragons are fighting over me.

They intend to court me until I choose between them. Secret mission or not, I’m gonna end up with two Draekon mates.

Amazon – US Linkhttps://www.amazon.com/Draekon-Abduction-Exiled-Romance-Dragons-ebook/dp/B0787GFWWN

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