**New Release & Review** With the Sunlight by Fiona Davenport


Athan Bancroft was drawn to a ring with a striking amethyst a century ago and has been wearing it all those years. He had no idea the piece of jewelry was meant for his destined consort—until he looked across a crowded ballroom straight into eyes that were a perfect match for the stone.

Selene Brassard has always been fascinated by stories about vampires, but she had no idea they really existed. Or that she’d spend the rest of her very long life with one.

But will what her parents think they know about the vampire world destroy what Athan and Selene are building together?

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Nancy’s Review

Athan is one, sexy vampire. He’s jealous of his brother Kieran, who found his consort and is all kinds of happy. Athan has a special connection to a piece of jewelry he picked up one hundred years ago. The purpose becomes crystal clear when he meets beautiful and sweet Selene. A bit hesitant, Selene is drawn to Athan and needs a good explanation of what’s going on. Athan is charming and supremely attractive, but will he be convincing?

This was the perfect Sunday read. This little vampire romance will get your heart rate up and get you looking for more stories about the Bancroft family of Daywalkers. 4 stars!

About Fiona Davenport

The writing duo of Elle Christensen and Rochelle Paige team up under the Fiona Davenport pen name to bring you sexy, insta-love stories filled with alpha males.

If you want a quick & dirty read with a guaranteed happily ever after, then give Fiona Davenport a try!

You can connect with Fiona on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/Fiona-Davenport-1649710991935418/

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