***New Release & Review*** The Pixie’s Queen (Monsterly Yours #4) by S.J. Sanders




Born into a family of witches, Orenda has the misfortune of being the sole member of her family born without magic. The smallest bit of magic that she can claim for herself is the ability to sense out magical talismans. She is drawn to them and makes it her task to keep the most powerful of them out of the reach of her family. Yet, when she comes across an ancient talisman in an antique shop, she is swept away by its magic into the fae world, but not unchanged.
Shrunk and stranded alone in the depths of the troll kingdom, Orenda must rely on the help of a hive of male pixies. Although they say that she is their queen, and lure her with every touch, they promise to help her return home. They are nothing like she’s ever imagined a pixie to be and give her a taste of a life that she couldn’t have imagined. In a world of magic, she—a magicless witch—strangely finds her place until events provide an opportunity to return to the human world. It leaves Orenda with a choice: to go back home or remain by their side?
Among pixies, although long-lived, they only have a opening of a handful of years to find their mates before the elders determine that the hives be broken and the males stripped of their breeding and mating abilities to serve as protectors for young unmated queens. Shavish is determined that his hive, though well beyond the suitable age of mating, do not come to a similar fate. His hive brothers Orel and Gwin may have resigned themselves to being guardians and Dazi retreating to his scholarly works, but he is not willing to give up yet. Although being mated to a small wingless queen wasn’t quite what any of them imagined, they resolve to not give her up. They will court their queen and win her for their own.

The Pixies Queen is a m/m/f/m/m romance and does contain m/m.

Please be aware that The Pixie’s Queen is an expanded version of the novella Love Blooms for the Pixie Queen that appeared in the Love Blooms Anthology.

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Nancy’s Review

I read this story in an anthology earlier in the year, but I loved this expanded version. I love each pixie guy, but my heart is with Dazi. This story is a very steamy one, but there’s also so much sweet. Orenda finds so much more to live for in the pixie’s world than she does in her own. It’s like she fell down the rabbit’s hole. Once she realizes what her mates really mean to her she’s all in. The epilogue is the bomb, too. And this cover is GORGEOUS!! I highly recommend this sweet, sassy, and steamy romance! 5 stars!

About SJ Sanders

S.J. Sanders is a mom of two toddlers and one adult living in Anchorage, Alaska. She has a BA degree in History, but spends most of her free time painting, sculpting, doing odd bits of historical research, and writing. While she has more research orientated writing under another pen name, her passion is sci-fi and paranormal romance of which she is an avid reader. After years of tinkering with the idea, and making her own stories up in her head, S.J has began to seriously pursue writing as an author of Sci-fi Romance utilizing her interests in how cultures diversify and what they would look like on a extraterrestrial platform to humans interacting with them and finding love.
She can be found on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/Author-SJ-Sanders-2372443553034364And follow her blog at https://sjsandersromance.wordpress.com



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