***New Release & Review*** Midsummer Fling by Abby Knox

Book Blurb

Penny dreams of a peaceful solo vacation, but she arrives at the lakeside cabin of her childhood to find out the owners have doubled booked, leaving her rudderless at the height of tourist season. When she discovers who snatched her single-bed cabin, it seems that fate has stepped in and booked her a one-way trip to a happily-ever-after.

Josh wants nothing more than to spend two weeks fishing, ship watching and gazing at campfires. To his chagrin, the resort owners double booked his reservation with that of an oddly familiar woman he refuses to leave out in the rough waters without a raft. When destiny — and the age-old problem of two people/one bed — takes the wheel, Josh quickly realizes it’s time to reach for his dreams with his fated-forever shipmate.

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Nancy’s Review

If you are looking for a sweet, low-angst story, then Midsummer Fling is the perfect choice. I could easily picture Penny and Josh as kids at the cute lakeside cabins. And I think the reason this little romance works so well is that they had a prior connection. Josh is hot and nerdy. Penny is sweet and fun. Even though each has different interests, they enjoy each other. They make the most delightful couple! Don’t worry, this novella has its steamy moments, too. What a fun read! 4 stars


About Abby Knox

Abby Knox lives a dual life. Fantasy Abby would love to live on a farm where she could raise goats, chickens, bees, donkeys, alpaca and make her own yarn, soap, and cheese. Reality Abby has no desire to muck out stalls. So, the pragmatic Reality Abby keeps Fantasy Abby happy by putting her into works of romantic fiction. Both Abbies hope you enjoy these sassy, spicy, smutty and sometimes weird stories.
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