***New Release & Review*** A Mate for Max (Genetically Altered Humans #17) by Rena Marks

Book Blurb

Max doesn’t need anyone. Not human, nor his own kind, Xeno Sapiens. After all, it was his human mate who dropped him for another. And his Xeno Sapien brother who stabbed him in the back to get her.

He certainly doesn’t want to need the flea-infested ragamuffin who wants his help to find his mom.

Elena:  Sexy Maximus Xeno Sapien is grumpy, muscled, and large as life. But he saves her from her ex, saves her children—and after being exposed to a dangerous chemical—for a brief, lustful night is hers.

Only to forget the next day. But when the drug cycles through his body again, she takes advantage of his crazed desire and makes him hers again.

The only thing Elena doesn’t realize is Max doesn’t forget.

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Nancy’s Review

First of all, if you have any triggers you might not want to read this book! Elena’s ex-husband severely beat her. At the beginning of this book he’s basically kidnapped her and abused her again. Max discovers a dirty child alone with no parents around. The child, Mali, asks Max to help find his mother. Max and Reson are paired together on a mission to do just that. Plans kind of go sideways on the mission, but Mali’s mother is found. Elena, the mother, is very attracted to Max. The feeling is mutual. This turns out to be a very sweet and steamy story. Max is a giant of a man, but very gentle with those he cares for. Also, this story helps mend fences between Max and Reson.

**I almost gave this book 3 stars, because I was very concerned about how close Elena’s abuse from her ex was to Max being attracted to her and getting intimately involved. I’m not sure there was enough time in between. That’s why I think people with a trigger shouldn’t read this book. I’d like to settle on 3.5/4 stars for this read. I really enjoy this series!


About Rena Marks

Rena Marks is a wife and mother who lives in the western United States. She bellydances for fitness, meditates for stress, and writes for fun. She loves living life between the pages of a book, and hopes you do, too! She is the author of several series including: Xeno Sapiens, The Purple People Series, Stargazer Series, and Blue Barbarian Series! You can find her website HERE.

Find Rena Marks on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RenaMarksBooks/

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