***New Release & Review*** The Quarry Master (A Grumpy Alien Boss Romantic Comedy) by Amanda Milo


Book Blurb

I dislike people.
despise humans.
A cruel mandate from one of my region’s rulers has saddled me with a slew of little alien humans: I’m to put them to work.
One problem?
I run a rock quarry, where humans’ thin skin is a detriment to productivity.
Overseeing these humans is like trying to herd yanaks. If I don’t burn, beat, or strangle them to death by the day’s end, it will be a miracle.

I can tell the boss likes me, because I’m not dead. Bash is abrasive and acerbic, like an alien love child of Michael Caine and Miss Hannigan. And maybe Ebenezer Scrooge. Bash is a little… anti-human race.
But he’s not all bad. Sure, he’s a little growly and he sets things on fire when he gets mad, but even villains need a friend. And here? Bash is everybody’s villain.
Everyone’s but mine.

Warning: This book is the slowest of slow burns. It’s a 127K story with the personal puzzle parts not snapping together until the last stretch of the book. If you want to sink your teeth into a romance that hits the fireworks level fast, skip on this one. But if you want a sweet slow burn, then this one might be the book for you. (Especially if you love super grouchy heroes with big horns and bigger attitudes.)

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Review by Nancy

As usual, Amanda is brilliant! Isla has an obvious challenge; she is missing half of her arm. This doesn’t make her meek. Isla works twice as hard as the other women. This fact made Bash take notice. She piqued his curiousity due to similar work ethic. Bash is OUTRAGEOUSLY grumpy. In fact Isla’s description of Bash is perfect!

…he’s jacked like The Rock, and I’m pretty sure he could break Chuck Norris. Heck, he’d probably eat Chuck Norris after beating him.

The ongoing commentary through the entire book is fabulous! If you read Amanda, you know it’s always a treat. Basically, it takes A LOT for this relationship to happen. I loved it! Bash and Isla have a slow burn romance which is no small feat for a Rakhii. Just because it’s slow-burn doesn’t mean it’s not super steamy.

Reading The Quarry Master was like coming home. We got a good look at some other characters we know. Hello, Gracie!! If you’re familiar with Ice Planet Barbarians, she’s like Liz! In this story she was “large and in charge.” I am especially looking forward to Jonoh’s story (he’s a Hob) and I hear it’s already in the works. I could say SO much, but I just want you to read it and fall in love with this cast of amazing characters like I did! Amanda ticked off all the boxes: awesome characters, entertaining dialogue, super steamy scenes, and a great HEA! Fantastic! 4.5 stars

amanda milo

About Amanda Milo

Amanda Milo is a diehard lover of romance. She has written sweet sexy plot ideas, snappy dialogue notes, and crammed entire chapters on everything from notebook paper to library book receipts. (Hey, those receipts could get really long sometimes; there was enough space.)

It’s time to share the stories that have stuck with her over the years.

You can reach Amanda at AmandaMiloBooks@Gmail.com

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