***New Release & Review*** Hanna & the Hitman (Alien Abduction #8) by Honey Phillips


Book Blurb

An alien assassin. A forgotten human. A planet determined to claim them both.

Since being kidnapped from Earth, Hanna has been treated as little more than a performing animal. Her latest indignity is being displayed in a cage in a seedy bar. When a massive alien warrior stops to examine her, she expects the worst.

To her shock, the warrior frees her instead. Scared and alone, she doesn’t hesitate to turn to him. But there are more surprises to come…

Aidon is running out of time. Although eliminating galactic scum is a profitable occupation, it takes a toll on his unique skills. He needs to return to his planet immediately. Acquiring a human female, no matter how tempting, was not in his plans. Yet now that he has her, how can he let her go?.

She looks at him so trustingly – but his planet is a dangerous place, and she’s about to find out he’s the biggest predator of them all.

Each book in the Alien Abduction series can be read as a standalone romance. This sweet and steamy romance is intended for a mature audience only.

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Nancy’s Review

Fan-freaking-tastic! My favorite trope is female lead in a desperate situation and the alpha male saves her. Aidon does a good deed, but has no designs on keeping Hanna. Right off the bat this book starts with action. I just love it when stuff blows up and the bad guys get their due. (Honey rocked that in this book!!) I had a running commentary on my names for each of the chapters of this book. See if you can figure out which one was “Sexy Times and the Advantages of Shifting 101.” I have loved this series by Honey and this story is one of my TOP favorites!

 This is how I see Hanna…

Hanna, in the book, seemed a bit timid, but that was her personality. She flourished when someone believed in her. I wouldn’t call her weak. We all can’t be Liz from Ice Planet Barbarians! Hanna was one to count her blessings, though they be few, and she had a quiet strength. Also, Aidon was a strong, but flawed hero in this story. This book has a complex plot with a strong male that has a weakness, a hurt from his youth, that keeps him from seeing the truth. I really liked seeing that because it’s very relatable!

A little side note – in the beginning Hanna meets a character named Khuda. She says Khuda reminds her of a prairie dog. I’m already wondering what happens to Khuda and Khira and thinking of a novella featuring them. If only I wrote!

If you’re a fan of Ruby Dixon and the Ice Planet Barbarians, you will find several references. Plus if you love Ruby, you will LOVE Honey Phillips if you haven’t read her before. There’s really so much more I could say about this story. (I was very fortunate to beta read it.) I will reiterate that Hanna and the Hitman is FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC!! 5 million stars!


About Honey Phillips

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Honey wrote and illustrated her first book at the tender age of 5. Her writing has improved since then. Her drawing skills, unfortunately, have not. She loves writing, reading, traveling, cooking, and drinking champagne – not necessarily in that order.

Her steamy science fiction stories focus on hot alien warriors and the Earth women they can’t resist. From abductions to invasions, the ride might be rough, but the end always satisfies.

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