Free Sci-fi Romance Books!



Claimed by the Alien Guard –


The rule is crystal clear: never say no to a male’s advances…

… but I did.

After that nightmarish evening I find myself in an alien prison with a feeling of impending doom as I hear whispers of the hunt. It’s clear that something much worse than rotting in a cell awaits me.

But one of the prison guards looks familiar. He says his name is Lokahn and though he was silent the night of my arrest, now he’s saying he’ll help me escape.

His reasons for helping me are his own, and though I’m not sure I trust him – I have no choice.

And some other great free reads!

Bond by Tasha Black:

Marcus by Anna Hackett:

Rogue Alien’s Escape by Kate Rudolph:

Vrehx by Elin Wyn:

Bound by Her Alien by Tempest Luna:

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