**New Release & Review** The Magnificent Cyborg (Cyborgs on Mars, #4) by Honey Phillips

Book Blurb

A woman with a troubled past. A cyborg with missing memories.

W-246 is one of the last cyborgs sent to Mars to work on the terraforming project. While he doesn’t remember how he became a cyborg, he has accepted his new role as a territorial judge. Until he encounters Cherry. He knows he could never forget a woman like her – so why does she seem so familiar?

Madam Cherry is through with men. In her experience, they either use her or break her heart or both. Instead, she concentrates on running a successful business and is content taking care of her girls. Until she runs into Wyatt.

Their brief, passionate marriage ended years ago when he disappeared – killed in the line of duty. Or so she had assumed. Now she finds out that he is very much alive.

The fact that he is a cyborg doesn’t bother her; the fact that he doesn’t remember her? That could destroy her.

Can Cherry and Wyatt recapture their love in the midst of a budding rebellion, surrounded by dangerous new enemies?

Each book in the Cyborg on Mars series can be enjoyed as a standalone romance. This sweet and steamy science fiction romance is intended for mature readers.

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Review by Nancy

I loved the characters in this book! Especially enjoyed reading about Madame Cherry because she has appeared in the previous books and I’ve been curious about her. She needed her own story. The twist? That her husband, Wyatt, that had disappeared years ago was suddenly there on Mars. But it’s more than that, he’d been on Mars all along! But Wyatt doesn’t remember Cherry because something was done to his memory. It was great watching these two get to know one another again. Wyatt provided the perfect balance between being an alpha male and still showing his sweet side to Cherry. The steamy scenes in this book were perfect, too! And the bad guy from earth, Antoni, was a properly evil antagonist. I really want to read Serena’s story next! I got the pleasure of being a beta reader on The Magnificent Cyborg and it was fun to have that first look. Great book ! 4 stars!

There are MORE more books in this series!



About Honey Phillips

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Honey wrote and illustrated her first book at the tender age of 5. Her writing has improved since then. Her drawing skills, unfortunately, have not. She loves writing, reading, traveling, cooking, and drinking champagne – not necessarily in that order.

Her steamy science fiction stories focus on hot alien warriors and the Earth women they can’t resist. From abductions to invasions, the ride might be rough, but the end always satisfies.


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