**New Release & Review** Alien’s Bride (Genetically Altered Humans, Book 14) by Rena Marks

Book Blurb

Mail Order Brides. Such an archaic custom.

But when an ad is circulated through Earth-Ground and the nine floating cities, it catches the eye of Cassandra Richter. Xenia has some of the most world-renowned doctors in reproductive endocrinology, including the famous Dr. Irina Mescar. This may be her one chance at having a baby.

Milo:  He knows the delicate human female is his the first time he lays eyes on her. However, Cassandra Richter doesn’t feel the same. Instead she worships his Xeno Sapien brother, Landon. There’s nothing he can do but love her from afar—and hate Landon for stealing his one shot at happiness.

Cassie:  While Cassie is drugged to the hilt with Love Potion #9, the Xeno Sapien who catches her eye is magnificent. Sculpted and muscular, a sexy blue dream. He’s the one for her. Landon Xeno Sapien. Unfortunately, he’s not the one who triggers her compatibility. No, her friend and sponsor, Milo, does.

But Landon nurtures the same feelings for her as she does for him. Can she forego her dream of having a child to have him instead?

* The story behind the series: When futuristic Earth finds alien DNA and creates a new species of hybrids in hidden labs, Dr. Robyn Saraven helps the “creatures” escape. She uses her connections to establish their own city on Earth-Ground where they can learn, grow, and avoid the corruption and greed that created them. *

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Each book can be read as a standalone!

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Review by Nancy

Alien’s Bride was one, crazy rollercoaster ride. Cassie Richter comes to Xenia as a bride and this might be her only chance to have children. She begins to fall for her sponsor, Milo, until she meets his best friend, Landon. No, you’re not seeing double! Landon and Milo look very much alike. I don’t want to give the story away, but there’s a lot of emotional and physical confusion in this story. I loved Milo’s character. You will begin to see that he and Cassie are victims of an abuse of power that led to an epic misunderstanding. The big question is will Cassie be able to stay in Xenia and pursue her dream of having a family? Forgiveness is the theme that leads to answers.

Alien’s Bride was not my favorite story in the Xenia universe. But my love for the whole series bumped my review on this book from 3.5 to 4 stars. This book, while somewhat confusing at times, contains a very sweet story. 4 stars

About Rena Marks

Rena Marks is a wife and mother who lives in the western United States. She bellydances for fitness, meditates for stress, and writes for fun. She loves living life between the pages of a book, and hopes you do, too! She is the author of several series including: Xeno Sapiens, The Purple People Series, Stargazer Series, and Blue Barbarian Series! You can find her website HERE.

Find Rena Marks on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RenaMarksBooks/

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