**New Release & Review** My Alien Roommate by Tracy Lauren

my alien roommate



I’m on a mission to Earth, searching for a mate—but time is of the essence and my happiness hangs in the balance. I aim for optimism, but the task before me is daunting. Until I meet Carly, that is. The second she opens her door; I know she’s the one for me. All I need to do now is convince her.


My best friend in all the world’s getting married and I’m suddenly out a roommate in one of the most expensive beach cities in California. So, when a sexy cowboy shows up at my door, promising to pay three month’s rent in full, what choice do I have but to take him in? Sure, he has some idiosyncrasies… but those can be overlooked for the right price, can’t they? The language barrier isn’t even that big of a deal either. What does stand out though… is that he seems to have purple skin. And despite everything I find out about Dorran, I just can’t fight the magnetic attraction between us.

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Review by Nancy

My Alien Roommate was a fun story! Carly’s best friend and roomie, Sarah, gets engaged and moves out. This leaves Carly in a predicament. Dorran has just one month to find his true mate or he has to marry a business associate’s daughter. (Hint: the daughter and Dorran don’t want the arranged marriage.) Luckily, Dorran finds out Carly needs a roomie and he’s willing to do what it takes to move in and make her his. I loved how awkward Dorran was when he arrived on earth. So many misunderstandings had me laughing out loud. Dorran is one hot alien! Carly takes note of it, but she’s really set on her life plans. And wait until you catch a glimpse of Carly’s crazy neighbor! Will Dorran be able to convince Carly that she’s the one for him in time?

I really enjoyed reading this book! My Alien Roommate was a slow burn and a fun romcom that’s out of this world! 4 stars

tracy lauren

About Tracy Lauren

Tracy Lauren is a loving wife to her gorgeous and deliciously odd husband Greg, and a dedicated mother to her two wonderful children. She has her M.S. in Clinical/Counseling Psychology and during her time as a therapist she provided counseling services specializing in grief and trauma as well as attachment focused parenting. She is now taking time off from her career to focus on her family and explore life as an indie author.

Tracy’s interests have always been in the human experience, and in her writing she aims to capture just that. If you love the thrill of adventure to go with your science fiction romance, then Tracy’s books are for you.

She can be contacted at: Tracywritesromance@gmail.com
And found on Facebook here.

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