**New Release & Review** Avenging Angel (Pounding Hearts #5) – Izzy Sweet & Sean Moriarty


Book Blurb

Once, I was on top of the world. I had the title, fame, and respect.

Then everything came crashing down.

I lost my title and my best friend.

Unable to cope, I fell into the bottle and never wanted to come out.

Until Bree walked into my life with her gorgeous eyes and kissable lips.

She lights a fire inside me I haven’t felt in months.

She’s awoken the beast that refuses to bow down and takes what he wants.

With her in my sights, I’m f*cking unstoppable.

I’m going to get my title back, kick some ass, and win the girl.  

Avenging Angel is a HEA, standalone MMA/Bad Boy romance with a dominant alpha hero and a young heroine trying to make her way in the world. Some content intended for mature readers.

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Review by Nancy

Emmett Bailey is a titled fighter who gets a major injury and falls from grace. To add insult to injury, his best friend, and manager, dies. Emmett has hit rock bottom when his friends from the gym decide enough is enough. They drag him back to the gym to begin training for a rematch. This is where Emmett meets Bree and he’s captivated by her. Bree is running from a terrible situation and a bad break up. She caught her boyfriend in bed with her best friend. Bree runs hours away to her mom’s house in Nevada. Bree’s stepbrother owns a gym where MMA fighters train. They need front desk help and Bree is happy to fill the position. Bree is fascinated by Emmett. This is where life gets complicated… Bree’s father is making demands and she is threatened by her exboyfriend. Emmett is training for a rematch and wants to protect Bree. Will their relationship be more than a steamy love affair? Can Emmett chase Bree’s demons away?

I have a weakness for MMA books, so I was delighted to read Avenging Angel! My favorite trope is “alpha male rescues female in peril.” This romance ticked all of the boxes and kept me turning pages late into the night. I loved their “family” at the gym and revisiting prior characters in the Pounding Hearts series. Avenging Angel was a great, steamy read! 4 super stars!


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