**New Release & Review** Krygor’s Hope (Braxians, Book 3) by Regine Abel

Book Blurb

For Family. For Honor.

Discarded by her husband who then sells her as a pleasure worker, Hope secretly enters into an Indentured Servant contract with a strip club owner to avoid being given to an unknown master. But she soon realizes that he has not only conned her into endless servitude, he also has nefarious plans involving her child. Desperate, she turns to a broker to find a new buyer for her contract. As soon as she meets the buyer, a Braxian giant named Krygor, with a fearsome face and the body of a god, Hope knows the Goddess has finally answered all of her prayers.

When Krygor comes to Lilith Hive for business and leisure, the last thing he expects is to fall hard for a delicate beauty and feel so paternal towards her teenaged daughter, both in desperate need of his protection. Hope awakens in him feelings he had banished after getting his heart torn to shreds by his first love. But a broken heart quickly becomes the least of his worries when enemies from his past use his females to capture him.

They shouldn’t have messed with the most insane of the Braxian Berserkers. They may think they have him at their mercy, but Krygor will bathe in their blood for daring to threaten what’s his.

Warning: this book contains scenes of violence that may not be suitable for sensitive reader.

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Review by Nancy

Krygor is the epitome of a Braxian male. He’s HUGE, stern, an impressive warrior, and he views females as untrustworthy. Hope is a Guldan female living outside of Guldar, but she is an indentured servant. (She’s also been physically altered to appear human.) Hope’s daughter is a real beauty at almost 12. Hope will do anything to protect her daughter. So she goes to Roman to see if he can find someone to buy her contract and get her away from Luther, the snake who runs Club Bacchus on Lilth Hive. Hope and Krygor are introduced and he decides to spend a week with her. He knows before a couple days that he will undoubtedly buy her contract. But Luther has more up his sleeve. When the Serenians get involved the situation takes a very dangerous turn. With two Serenians vying for Hope and her daughter, Siona, and Krygor in prison, will these soulmates ever get to be together? Krygor will do anything to get to his mate.

This book was WOW! I loved how masculine Krygor was and how he swooped in and cared for Hope so wonderfully. Hope is not a weakling, just a strong female in a difficult situation. The twists and turns that this story took and the action parts were fabulous. And I actually enjoyed getting to know the Serenians. There’s definitely blood and gore, so be aware of that. The steamy scenes are quite hot, too. Krygor’s Hope was fan-freaking-tastic! I love this series! 5 Stars


Regine Abel is a fantasy, paranormal and sci-fi junky. Anything with a bit of magic, a touch of the unusual and definitely a lot of romance, will have her jumping for joy. Hot alien warriors meeting no-nonsense, kick-ass heroine give her warm fuzzies. Through her Veredian Chronicles series, Regine will take you to an exciting alien world full of mystery, action, passion and new beginnings. Follow Amalia and her Veredian sisters – enslaved, exploited and hunted – as they fight for their freedom and the right to love. In her Dark Tales series, Regine will make you rediscover the fairy tales of your youth in a sexy, dark, and twisted reimagining of the classics.

When not writing or reading, Regine surrenders to the other passion in her life: video games! As a professional Game Designer and Creative Director, her career has led her from her home in Canada to the US and various countries in Europe and Asia.


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