**New Release & Review** Claimed by the Horde King (Horde Kings of Dakkar, #2) by Zoey Draven


She broke their laws. Now, he has come to punish her…

In my human settlement on the hostile plains of Dakkar, I am an outcast, a strange girl orphaned since birth, alone, and dreaming of a life I don’t have. I hunt to survive, though it is forbidden, though it breaks the strict Dakkari laws that we all must follow.

When my desperate actions catch the attention of a Dakkari horde king—a cold, powerful, and merciless warrior leader, with eyes like flint and a body like steel—he seeks to punish me…and he succeeds.

But then he does the unexpected.

Instead of taking my life, he claims me as his own.

He steals me from my village and brings me back to his battle-bred horde. There, I warm his bed. I make bargains with him on starry, cold nights. I look into his grey eyes and see not a monster, but a demon king who captures my soul.

But demons have a way of never letting go…and as the cold season descends upon Dakkar, I begin to wonder if I even want him to, even when it hurts.

Claimed by the Horde King is a full-length SFR novel (95,000+ words) with an HEA. It is the second book of the Horde Kings of Dakkar series.

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Review by Nancy

Nelle is starving and alone in a human village on Dakkar. She’s an excellent archer and so she hunts to provide for herself and help the village. When a Dakkan horde king catches her he punishes her harshly. But, the horde king is seized by her spirit and carries her to his home. The book description makes it look like their relationship is not mutual. I see Nelle and the horde king on a journey. Nelle only wants someone to call her own and to not be alone. She slowly accepts him as a friend and then a relationship develops. The king is wrestling with the welfare of his entire horde versus keeping Nelle. As in life, there are no easy answers and mistakes are made.

I enjoyed this story by Zoey Draven. It will tug on your emotions and keep you turning pages late into the night. 4 stars

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