**New Release & Review** A Gift for Medif (The Mate Index, Book 10) by S.J. Sanders

Book Blurb

With everyone away celebrating the holidays with their families, Medif is the lone male out. Refusing the invitations of his friends to join them, he instead contents himself with the idea of a quiet week alone while he enjoys the happy bluster of the season going on around him as he searches for a mate. Earth offers much to quietly enjoy during their festivities, after all, and it is enough to distract him from the things lacking in his own life. His plans did not include a surprise visit from his brother Ehmhy, a mischievous fashi and a new extended family intent on interfering in his life.

With family descending upon him for the holidays, Medif’s peace is shattered and his world turned upside down amid a frenzy of shopping, an expedition for the perfect tree, and unexpected merriment. Yet, when everyone conspires to bring him together with Natasha Baranov, a female who stirs his passions and rouses his mind, Medif discovers he may end up with the best gift of them all if only he can convince her to be his.

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Review by Nancy

Medif finds himself on earth as kind of the odd man out with his crew. It’s seldom that Forad males find mates, but he had observed in his ship mates what he was missing. Medif determines to go find a mate on earth and arms himself with the information from the Hallmark Channel vids. (Quite humorously, I might add.) Natasha Baranov is a book blogger. She strikes up a conversation with an attractive Forad male with brilliant green eyes. In the beginning, Medif doesn’t see Natty as his mate, but over time he becomes fond of Natty. Medif has to leave earth soon, so he better go claim his mate in time! This was a super sweet read. I loved the humor in this story as well as the steamy parts. If you love SJ Sanders like I do, then you’ll enjoy A Gift for Medif! 4 stars

**I highly recommend the other books in the Mate Index series! This book can be read alone, but for the best experience I suggest a binge on this entire series.

About SJ Sanders

S.J. Sanders is a mom of two toddlers and one adult living in Anchorage, Alaska. She has a BA degree in History, but spends most of her free time painting, sculpting, doing odd bits of historical research, and writing. While she has more research orientated writing under another pen name, her passion is sci-fi and paranormal romance of which she is an avid reader. After years of tinkering with the idea, and making her own stories up in her head, S.J has began to seriously pursue writing as an author of Sci-fi Romance utilizing her interests in how cultures diversify and what they would look like on a extraterrestrial platform to humans interacting with them and finding love.

She can be found on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/Author-SJ-Sanders-2372443553034364

And follow her blog at https://sjsandersromance.wordpress.com

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