Falling for Trance:A Xeno Sapien Novel by Rena Marks

Book Blurb

“If I can’t have you, no one will.”

Trance: It was love at first sight for him. It didn’t matter that she didn’t feel the same way. Hell, she didn’t even notice him though they were enclosed in a vehicle together for fifteen full glorious minutes. All she could do was stress over being late to get off work.

Leah: She noticed the hot Xeno Sapien, all right. But what could she do? “Hi, I’m Leah. I’d love to get to know you, but I’m covered in bruises from neck to toe. And when I get home tonight? He’ll notice exactly how interested I was in you. It might be one word. It might be the way your eyes follow me as I walk out to my car. But in any case, he’s gonna know.”

This time, it takes Leah two weeks of hospitalization to get back on her feet. And once she does? She has a plan.

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Review by Nancy

I really love the Xeno Sapiens series and my favorite romance trope is alpha male saves female in distress! Falling for Trance hit both of those buttons. Leah is a top notch chef in a very bad circumstance. She is married to a very abusive man. The last time he beat her she was in the hospital for two weeks. Luckily, she works for the Xeno Sapiens now and she has a plan, divorce and escape. Trance is completely taken with Leah, but his power is invasive and he doesn’t control it well. When Leah moves into the Xeno’s city Trance becomes her sponsor. Leah dreams of being Trance’s wife. And she still has to testify at a trial for her abusive ex-spouse. Dreams and reality can be confusing when you’re absolutely exhausted… Trance is a sexy, sweet male who will try everything in his power to keep Leah safe and in his embrace. (He can invade my dreams anytime he wants.)

Falling for Trance was a page-turner. We got a little bit of a preview of their relationship in Tempting Tempest and I really enjoyed reading the full story! 4 stars!

About Rena Marks

Rena Marks is a wife and mother who lives in the western United States. She bellydances for fitness, meditates for stress, and writes for fun. She loves living life between the pages of a book, and hopes you do, too! She is the author of several series including: Xeno Sapiens, The Purple People Series, Stargazer Series, and Blue Barbarian Series! You can find her website HERE.

Find Rena Marks on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RenaMarksBooks/

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