**New Release & Review** Tempting Tempest (Xeno Sapiens Book 11) by Rena Marks


Many months ago, they agreed to a purely sexual relationship. Of course, that was before she accidentally killed him.

Tempest can’t allow herself to fall for a human, no matter how scrumptious he may be. Her trainer, Shawn, is the only one who manages to tempt that rule. She’s sure it’s guilt over the stabbing, compounded by the fact that he’s the sexiest man in Xenia. Unfortunately, he’s human and therefore…weak. She can’t fall for someone she may lose.

Everyone is aware that Tempest is perhaps the most damaging—and damaged—Xeno Sapien there is. Coveted for her beauty, her body was a prize for others to battle over. Being abused taught her to protect herself by hurting others—and herself.

It’s Shawn’s job to teach her otherwise. His job to teach her she can be loved. Because there’s no one else he loves more than her.

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I liked Tempting Tempest because we get to see a relationship between a female Xeno Sapien and a human. Shawn is Tempest’s trainer and they have history. So much history that she accidentally killed him, but he was put back together and healed. Tempest thinks Shawn is a weak human, but Shawn has his heart set on her. He’s determined to prove her wrong.

I really liked this book! It was very humorous and a bit on the lighter side. And don’t worry, Rena Marks didn’t leave out the steamy parts! There’s a good amount of action near the end as Tempest masquerades as Leah in order to draw Leah’s abusive husband out. Also, we get to see the beginning of Leah and Trance’s story and I can’t wait to read that one! Overall, Tempting Temptest was a fun read. 4 stars

About Rena Marks

Rena Marks is a wife and mother who lives in the western United States. She bellydances for fitness, meditates for stress, and writes for fun. She loves living life between the pages of a book, and hopes you do, too! She is the author of several series including: Xeno Sapiens, The Purple People Series, Stargazer Series, and Blue Barbarian Series! You can find her website HERE.

Find Rena Marks on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RenaMarksBooks/

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