**New Release & Review** The Frog Prince: Cosmic Fairy Tales by Tracy Lauren


Madison was hardly more than a child when stolen from Earth—a fact that she resents to no end. Ripped away from all she ever knew, she’s reluctant to be the princess her family expects her to be. Tired of living out someone else’s happily ever after, Madison reaches her breaking point when kidnapped by another kingdom. She’s done with spaceships, done with otherworldly planets, and she sure as hell is done with aliens. She spent years dreaming of Earth, never daring to believe it to be anything more than a childish fantasy. But all that changes when a cocky guard comes to her rescue.

She strikes a deal with the green-skinned alien, and while it might not be a completely honest one, what does it matter when he holds the key to finally making all her dreams come true?

Kethian isn’t exactly honest himself. Intrigued by the aloof princess with a reputation for being spoiled and ungrateful, Kethian can’t help but make a deal at the expense of his kingdom. He tells himself it’s just another adventure, but that’s a lie not even he believes.

One last journey through space and Madison is home free. Will Earth be all she remembers, or will it pale in comparison to the bond she discovers in The Frog Prince?

Cosmic Fairy Tales The Frog Prince is part of the Cosmic Fairy Tales collection, a collaboration of authors retelling beloved tales with a science fiction romance twist. Each book is a standalone, containing its own Happily Ever After, and they can be read in any order. Be sure to explore the other titles in the collection HERE.

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Review by Nancy

I’m not going to restate the premise of the book. Read the book blurb, people! I do want to say that I really enjoyed this one despite our princess being a little immature. Veck off to the few naysayer reviews I’ve seen regarding our immature princess! I believe that’s the whole point of the book. I loved Kethian’s dedication to Madison and his fondness for adventure. He becomes Madison’s first friend and then it slowly develops into more. She really grows up during their adventures back to earth. I’ll take Kethian any day! He’s a prince of princes and the true star of this book. The Frog Prince is a great story with a hot alien prince! 4 stars!

**Side note: Tracy, are we going to get the stories of Kethian’s brothers? I’d love that!

About Tracy Lauren

Tracy Lauren is a loving wife to her gorgeous and deliciously odd husband Greg, and a dedicated mother to her two wonderful children. She has her M.S. in Clinical/Counseling Psychology and during her time as a therapist she provided counseling services specializing in grief and trauma as well as attachment focused parenting. She is now taking time off from her career to focus on her family and explore life as an indie author.

Tracy’s interests have always been in the human experience, and in her writing she aims to capture just that. If you love the thrill of adventure to go with your science fiction romance, then Tracy’s books are for you.

She can be contacted at: Tracywritesromance@gmail.com
And found at: https://www.facebook.com/tracy.lauren.148


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