**New Release & Review** Jackie and the Giant (Cosmic Fairy Tales) by Honey Phillips


He’s big and green and looking for a mate…

Jackie works as hard as she can to provide for her younger sister, but they’re barely surviving. When she comes home to find that her sister has traded their COW (Comestible Organic Wafer machine) to an alien trader in return for a worthless bean, she is both worried and hurt. She thought she could trust the intriguing male hidden behind the forbidding armor.

When a giant beanstalk grows overnight, Jackie is desperate enough to climb to the top and demand the return of her COW. Instead, she finds a whole new world – and a very large surprise. Beneath the armor is a massive alien who seems to be as much plant as man.

Cormac is enchanted by the little human female who trades with him each quarter and makes his sap rise. He devises a plan to bring her into his domain, even though he knows he may not be able to keep her. But now that she’s here, how can he let her go?

A big green alien, a feisty heroine, an evil storekeeper, and some helpful plants – this sweet and steamy fairy tale is not the story you remember! (Intended for mature audiences only!)

Cosmic Fairy Tales
Jackie and the Giant is part of the Cosmic Fairy Tales collection, a collaboration of authors retelling beloved tales with a science fiction romance twist. Each book is a standalone, containing its own Happily Ever After, and they can be read in any order. Be sure to explore the other titles in the collection:

The Hunchback by Regine Abel
The Lion and the Mouse by Emmy Chandler
The Frog Prince by Tracy Lauren
The Ugly Dukeling by Bex McLynn
Contaminated by Amanda Milo
Jackie and the Giant by Honey Phillips
Escaping Wonderland by Tiffany Roberts
Rampion by Susan Trombley

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Review by Nancy

Jackie is a simple woman with a great amount of responsibility. Since her parents died she has taken over mining their claim for Vaekest crystals and looking after her fragile younger sister, Bella. Once quarterly, she goes to trade with the cloud Aliens. Jackie has taken to one particular one that sits and listens to her talk about her life while she has tea on trading days. Cormac is entranced with the strong, little human, Jackie. He wants her for his own desperately, so he puts a plan in motion. Jackie has to come to his world freely. So Cormac sells her sister, Bella, a bean that turns into a giant beanstalk and stretches to the clouds. Jackie is determined to get the trade her sister made returned, so off she goes to the clouds. What she discovers is an entirely different world and an alien who is not what he seems. While those on the planet’s surface are plotting against Jackie, will Cormac be able to protect her? Definitely read this story and find out!

I loved this re-telling of Jack & the Beanstalk! It is a sci-fi romance combined with a mystery. Cormac is such a protective and caring male hero and Jackie is no wilting flower. I like how Honey wrote a strong female lead. This story is so much more than another fairy tale! 4 stars

This book is a part of a series by several sci-fi romance writers called Cosmic Fairy Tales.


About Honey Phillips

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Honey wrote and illustrated her first book at the tender age of 5. Her writing has improved since then. Her drawing skills, unfortunately, have not. She loves writing, reading, traveling, cooking, and drinking champagne – not necessarily in that order.

Her steamy science fiction stories focus on hot alien warriors and the Earth women they can’t resist. From abductions to invasions, the ride might be rough, but the end always satisfies.

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