**New Release & Review** Ice Planet Honeymoon: Raahosh & Liz (Ice Planet Barbarians, #2.5) by Ruby Dixon



Newly-mated (and grudge-holding) Liz wants nothing more than to be away from the tribe that’s exiled her man. Raahosh wants to prove to Liz that he can be a good mate, even if he’s ugly.

On a honeymoon, they can get to know each other better. Perfect, right?

This story is an extended epilogue for book 2 of Ice Planet Barbarians — Barbarian Alien — and is for readers who want a little more of their favorite couple. Don’t start here! Start with book one, Ice Planet Barbarians.

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Review by Nancy

If you’re an Ice Planet Barbarians fan, then this little novella is for you! It’s short and sweet and gives us a little more of Raahosh and Liz. The couple is in exile because Chief Vektal has banished Raahosh for stealing Liz. Liz is holding a grudge, but wants to make some of their time away into a “honeymoon.” Both Liz and Raahosh ask advice of other tribe members. This ends up being quite surprising later in the book! Or awkward… very awkward! This was a sweet and hot little story. It’s definitely more of an extended epilogue and left me wanting more of everything. I love the blue guys! Thanks Ruby! 4 stars


Ruby Dixon loves to write sexy, dirty things. Right now she’s obsessed with dirty aliens. She’s also dabbled in dirty bikers, dirty bears, and well, just dirty things in general.

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