***New Release & Review*** Rohn: Warriors of Sangrin by Starr Huntress & Nancey Cummings


What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

Nakia may have lost a leg during the Invasion, but she’s not going to let that keep her from what she wants.
And she wants Rohn. She has since the moment the alien warrior rescued her from a collapsed building. But she’s afraid he still only perceives her as a damaged, frail human. She wants him to recognize her as so much more, and she won’t rest until he understands they belong together.

Rohn might be past his prime, but he’s not blind.

He sees how the other males look at his mate with envy, admiration, and want. They would tempt her away from him, take her for their own, and claim that an old, scarred warrior like him could not satisfy the appetite of a vibrant young female.
He’ll battle any threat to his mate, friend or foe, and prove himself worthy.

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I have to say that I loved this one by Nancey! Nakia meets Rohn on earth when his ship is shot down and crashes into her school. Nakia loses her leg, but never blames Rohn. Rohn carries his failures with him and always tries to do his best from that day forward. 16 years later Nakia is matched to Rohn. Will Rohn ever be worthy of Nakia’s love?

What I loved about this book is that both characters are flawed. It’s real. Nakia has a physical flaw, but remains strong and positive. Rohn has some physical flaws, but his emotional flaws are what hinder him. They perfectly balance each other. I did not have dry eyes when I read Nancey Cumming’s dedication to her friend who inspired Nakia’s character. I suffer from an autoimmune disease, as well, so this one hit closer to home. We can take a lesson from Team Rokia – seize the day and enjoy your loved ones. 5 fabulous stars for Rohn!

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