It’s hard to make friends with the other women at the Icehome camp when you’d rather be dissecting the local fauna. Which is why I’m surprised when one of the big, brawny islanders asks me to help him make a prosthetic leg. I don’t know N’dek, but since I’m a scientist, he wants my help. And while I’m more into dinosaurs than anatomy, I love a challenge.

As we work together, I come to see that N’dek’s not just clever and determined, he’s also protective and sweet. And he kisses like a fiend.

He’s a distraction I don’t need…but he might be everything I’ve ever wanted. Too bad he says he’s going to resonate to someone else.

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To say I love the Icehome series would be an understatement! I was up reading until almost 3 am. I was definitely distracted by N’dek!! N’dek lost his leg in a dangerous hunting accident. Ever since, he’s been quite depressed. But, he gets it into his head that he’s going to resonate soon and he’s inspired to build a new leg. He was told Devi is the smartest human. Devi is a scientist and she’s amazed by this new world. She looks forward to each new day’s discoveries. She discreetly gathers materials for a prosthesis and immediately endears herself to N’dek. They are the perfect pair! His intensity balances her joy of life. But will N’dek resonate to Devi??

I loved this one! It has kind of a slow burn romance that develops into a fire. Devi’s Distraction is a superb addition to the Icehome series! 4.5 stars


Ruby Dixon loves to write sexy, dirty things. Right now she’s obsessed with dirty aliens. She’s also dabbled in dirty bikers, dirty bears, and well, just dirty things in general.

May’s release is DEVI’S DISTRACTION. Ever since N’dek was introduced on the page, I’ve been asked for his book. It’s finally here! He meets nerdy scientist Devi and knows she must be his. It’s free in Kindle Unlimited. Go snatch it up!!

For June? Two short and sweet novellas! I’ll give away more details as we get closer.

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