**New Release & Review** Fallen From the Stars (The Kraken #6) by Tiffany Roberts

Fallen from the Stars (The Kraken #6)Fallen from the Stars by Tiffany Roberts
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I know that Vasil was originally a periphery character, but I have to say that I loved him in this one! He doesn’t mince words. He’s very direct. He saves Theodora (Theo) from the ocean after her escape pod crashes on Halora. They are stranded on a beach for a couple weeks. Theo has an AI that runs in the background in her brain/body. His name is Kane. This makes her seem cybernetic, but I don’t know that she truly is. Kane is to blame for a lot of humorous moments, though! This book was hot, hot, hot! I forgot how much I liked these Kraken and all of their tentacles… possibly better than tails. (If you read IPB, you may get that reference!!) Anyway, I really enjoyed Fallen From the Stars. 4 Stars!

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