***Release & Review Blitz*** Rising from the Depths (The Kraken, Book 5) – Tiffany Roberts


Two years after a bloody battle nearly tore his people apart, Kronus finds himself plagued with guilt and without a place to truly call home. And when he saves a blue-eyed human from a razorback, his world is once again turned upside-down. Though he once opposed relations with her kind, he is undeniably drawn to Eva’s pain, loss, and inner strength. He will do anything to protect her — and to possess her.

Eva had a perfect life. But a few seconds of blood and terror took everything away. Left crippled and alone, she sinks deeper into despair every day — until the ochre kraken who saved her forces his way into her life. She wants nothing to do with the overbearing, gruff, and pushy Kronus…at least at first. With neither of them ready to let go of the past, how can they hope for a future together?
**Trigger Warning: This book contains sexual explicit scenes and sexual violence.**



Another fantastic addition to the Kraken Series, Rising from the Depths is a romance with heart. Kronus is a Kraken who doesn’t feel at home anywhere. He works with humans and other Kraken in the Watch, but has no friends. Eva appears to have a perfect life until one day a day at the beach turns anything, but typical. Kronus saves Eva’s life that day. Eva ends up losing her leg, her friends, and her conceited husband. She sinks into despair. Kronus knows these feelings all too well and he befriends her while pushing her to do better.

This romance story is a slight departure from the previous books in the series as it has less action and more deep connections. I really enjoyed the relatively slow burn of their relationship. I found their physical relationship quite steamy. Try to imagine that tentacle slithering up your leg! I’m totally #teamkraken. I mean, hey, 8 legs may be preferable to a tail! I really enjoyed this one! 4 stars!




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