I was abducted by aliens and auctioned to a positively lovely bleak place called the Underwater Pleasure Dome. An amphibious alien with hands like bug zappers helped spring me, and if you’ve followed my friends’ adventures, you know Dohrein and I teamed up because we’re both equally stellar, and awesome attracts awesome.
This is the story of what happened *after* abduction life.
The good part.
The part where we settle in and build brand new lives on this brand new planet.
I just need to have tea with my Alien-in-law and convince her to set her pet humans free.
No biggie.
*Wish me luck.*

**NOTE: Is this a Standalone? Not really. A few brave booksouls who started the series with this story jumped right in and enjoyed, so it’s *possible,* but I also created a Cast List Recap that will patch you through if you want a bit of a guide to this world.

***Another Note: You’ll find this is approx 70K words of Dohrein & Gracie’s story, followed by a 10K bonus story revealing what happens when a Rakhii gets loose on Earth.




We’ve been waiting for Gracie and Dohrein’s story and here it is! Gracie and Dohrein are considered odd by their people. I like to call them the “Outer Space Odd Couple!” There’s just SO much humor with these two! Gracie’s hard exterior is a cover for her past and her caring heart. She rubs many of her fellow captives the wrong way. Dohrein sees around this and has to have the sassy Gracie for his own. Follow them to earth on a very comical adventure and watch out for what happens at Walmart! Gracie is going to find out what it’s like to be loved by a Hob. Wing dust and purring?  Sign me up!!

Okay! If Gracie and Dohrein are funny, then Hotahn and Doc are HOT!!! I’m #teamrakhi and the bonus content at the end of this book made Craved by an Alien a 5 star book for me. Unleashing Akita is an extremely steamy story about how Hotahn picks up two human children in need of care and finds a woman to mother them. Seriously, at this point, I want Hotahn to come back and get me!! Amanda’s writing is fabulous and you’ll love the latest installment in this series! 5 stars!




I broke the rules and stole an auction item from her buyers.
Because somehow, they’d managed to abduct a Gryfala princess.
Though… she doesn’t look, or act, or sound quite like I thought one of her kind would.
But I’m merely a Rakhii gladiator; this is the closest I’ve actually ever been to a princess.
I’d be considered lucky indeed if she chose me to guard her.
Instead, I want more.
I need her to claim me.
Because she doesn’t know it, but now I can’t let her go.

Woke up in a freaking auction pen.
With no coffee.
But there were aliens. And they didn’t bid on me out of the goodness of their hearts.
Then this nice alien showed up in the nick of time, but he keeps referring to me as “Princess” and I’m starting to worry what he’ll do when he finds out that there’s been a little case of mistaken identity, that I’m not royalty – see, I’m not even whatever alien he mistook me for…
I’m just a human.

****Content warning: For readers 18 years and older Contains explicit sexual situations, dark themes, sensitive subjects, and violence. Despite happenings inside this story not being entirely sunshine and roses, this couple gets their sweet Happily Ever After ♥


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